Lapie Canyon Campground

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:43 AM By Kennie , In , , , ,

Sorry this is late everyone .. but NWTel did it again and "accidentally" severed the fiber optic line leading into town killing all outgoing communications efforts.

So ... after sitting around all day Friday watching the weather very closely, as it was raining, and cold, and windy, I finally gave up and packed up my bags and headed out to Lapie Canyon ... initially just to go off and visit Matt and Kara and the boys since they were out there. After visiting for a bit, the weather did clean and I decided to pitch my tent in a corner of their site overnight.

Lapie Canyon Campground - 12.jpg

Lapie Canyon Campground - 08.jpg

Fire... we make FIRE!

The evening was filled with good conversations, yummy snacks (think campfire s'mores) and even the RCMP tracking me down. I thought I was going to freeze around 3am when the temp dipped well below zero (or at least what felt well below zero as I could see my breath) ... but it was all worth it for a yummy breakfast cooked by Kara.

The rest of the morning before I headed back to RR was filled with walking around the campsite and a nice hike through the woods.

Lapie Canyon Campground - 30.jpg

Lapie Canyon Campground - 35.jpg

Lapie Canyon Campground - 39.jpg

Lapie Canyon Campground - 56.jpg


jen said...

I want to come next time! :)
What an INCREDIBLE place to go camping! Why exactly were the men in blue tracking you down?

June 24, 2010 at 7:53 AM