Look out Yukon! Here Comes Kennie!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 7:04 PM By Kennie

Look out Yukon ... Here comes Kennie! (in a couple of months).  I'm still getting over the shock and excitement of actually getting a teaching gig in the Yukon. I know teachers that have been trying to get into the Yukon for years and they still haven't been able to. Mind you, I didn't apply for Whitehorse (which is impossible to get into if you aren't already in the Yukon), but rather stuck with the rural communities ... as well, I don't think I'm ready for city life just yet. There's something special about living and teaching in rural areas. So, I'm rather excited to get out to the Yukon, but also scared out of my mind too. Once the paper work starts flowing properly and things start getting signed and organized, I'm sure I'll calm down ... but I'm ready! 

So where exactly is Kennie heading to? Well, I'm heading to Ross River, a small community about 5 hours North of Whitehorse (Hi Michael and Fawn!)... and 1 hour southish of Faro (Hi Kara!). And, I'm also heading there with wheels .. of the truck kind - which will be a nice treat / surprise after two years of using my feet as the main mode of transportation here in Arctic Bay. While in Ross River I will be teaching a grade 5/6 class at the Ross River School - yes, grade 5/6 a big change from high school kids and k-4 (but an exciting change at the same time!).  

So from time to time over the summer months up to my arrival in Ross River I'll be posting progress  updates on my lateral move across the North. Stay tuned!