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Thursday, July 23, 2009 5:41 PM By Kennie , In , ,

My parents arrived back in NB after a 8-week long trek across Canada. They traveled over 22,000 km and drove through 7 provinces and two territories. And of course, they took pictures.

And just to give me (and you readers) a glimpse of what I am about to travel/move to in 26 more sleeps:

The highway that will lead me to my new home

Look at those mountains ... and trees ....

The Great Canadian Moose

The road (type) that I will travel on many times while in the Yukon

More Photos from the Yukon taken on my parents trip.

Yukon Transition Update

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 7:53 PM By Kennie

Ok ... so much has happened in the last two months.

1. I made it home from Arctic Bay in one piece - an exhausted piece, but whole. And amazingly all of my luggage (all five duffle bags of it) made it all the way from Nanisivik, NU to Fredericton, NB (this was one heck of a surprise as I wasn't expecting it to happen at all with all of the teachers leaving Baffin Island that day to Ottawa).

2. Shopping - oh how I love and loathe shopping at the same time. It has been fun buying all sorts of new things for my new house in Ross River ... but man, what a pain in the ass it has been. Each time I go out to pick up something on my list, I discover three other things that I should have had on the list. I think I have almost everything now except for a futon, washer and dryer. I've accepted that my coffee table is going to be the huge 5 foot rubber-maid container that all of my electronics is moving in and that end tables are now going to be TV tray table things. Yes, I do realize that I am no longer a university student ... but, I am still in that in between mode of living like a student and an adult .. besides, why should I have to buy all of my furniture? At some point some nice person will come into my life with the rest of the furniture ... right??

3. Papers, papers and more papers. I got a package of papers from the GYT not long after I arrived back here in Freddy Beach. Inside it was a list of papers that I had to sign, copy, get notarized, and send back .. fun fun fun. Do you know how hard it is to find a notary public in my home town? Apparently it's a lot easier than I thought. After wracking my brain out, I figured heck, let's just go up to the law faculty and see whose kicking around... and voila! Signed and certified! Only upon reflection now I'm thinking that I could have just gotten my uncle to do it too ...

4. Nunavut Registrars ... oh how these people are numb. At least I wasn't one of the lucky ones to have their application file lost while heading into Nunavut ... I"m just one of the fortunate ones to have it lost misplaced on my way out. Got this call last week asking me if I taught under another name while in Nunavut and the years that I taught there ... I'm here on the phone going "uh excuse me? can you not read what I wrote on my SOP form? I taught in Arctic Bay, Nunavut from August 2007 to June 2009. I have never taught in NU under any other name and here is my certification number. Find my file and get this SOP to Yukon please." Gotta call them back this week to find out how they made out with the search.

5. GYT Housing - Great news I got today! Yukon housing knows that I am on my way there in August and I have been assigned my unit / house! yeah!!! They just wanted to also give me a heads up that the people that are currently living there did ask for an extension on their lease, but I have priority on the house so it is mine when I arrive ... which is looking like August 24 ... as I am in Whitehorse from the 17-20 in "teacher orientation", 21 will be spent shopping and then the 22-23 I'll be crashing at Kara and Matt's (and I imagine becoming Hunter's new TV bud at 5am)

6. And with any luck, my movers will be coming here to my apartment and my storage locker to pick up my stuff on August 4 ... not too much longer now! And I'm starting to freak out! Where has my 12 weeks of summer gone??!!