All my Boxes are Packed ... and On a Truck

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 10:18 AM By Kennie , In , ,

.. I'm standing here in an empty storage locker...

Well, everything I own (well.. almost everything) is now on the back of an United Van Lines truck on it’s way to the Yukon. And I think reality is starting to set in now. I. Am. Moving. To. The. Yukon. It still all feels so surreal. Just 9 weeks ago I was living in Nunavut, and now I’m heading +4000km West from where I was. It just seems so strange!

But, all of my stuff (my many many totes) all fit nicely into the truck and nothing had to be repacked (yeah!) .. and only two boxes had to be packed in all. Everything else was either pre-packed from my move to Nunavut or had already been packed in rubbermaid totes (I will have plenty of storage buckets for the Yukon!).

Not too much left to do now. Just need to mail off some certification forms to Whitehorse, and then I get to relax for the next two weeks while I count down the hours till I take off into the air again.